One Need

Mission 1:27 is honored to partner with One Need to facilitate meeting the needs of individuals who seek our support.To submit a need or to sign up to be a deeder please visit the Mission 1:27 partnership page here. For more information on One Need please click here


Single Parent Program at Walton Communities

For more information on our groups, events and programs please visit our facebook page


Counseling Programs

Mission 1:27 partners with a select group of partners to provide counseling services to Walton Communities residents in need. Mission 1:27 will pay for up to four visits per family per year (with a $10 per visit co-pay by the resident). Be sure to tell them you are a Walton Communities resident when you schedule your appointment. All counseling sessions are strictly confidential. Click here for more information. 

The Hope Counseling Center at Walton Crossing is offered to residents for a cost of just $5 per visit with no limit on the number of visits. For more information click here.